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What You Will Discover On This Energetic Journey

  • Explore the musical styles of the legends! – Learn the know-how to instantly play like Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Carlo Santana!
  • “Force” your hands to start breaking into crazy beats! – Without learning all the boring basic stuff that most music teachers make you go through!
  • Get ready for the stage after your first lesson! – Jam with other musicians even before other rookies have learnt their first song!

Our Very Own Students Showcase! –They Come From All Walks Of Life!

Even Our Students Rave About Us!

Guitar at Studio72

About Studio 72

Studio72 exists to inspire and galvanise aspiring musicians.

A beacon for the uninitiated but also avidly interested, a guiding light shining the way forward for aspiring musicians and all inquisitive minds. To help dreams come alive, to help bring music back to life.

Studio72 inspires with a unique music academy experience in a stylish upscale environment, strategically located along the iconic Boat Quay. Learn and master your favourite instruments, or simply hone your rockstar skills, with an eye to performing live on stage (if you are game enough).

Professional, well crafted drum lessons by veteran musicians. Learn how to play the drums at your pace with our qualified instructors.

Studio72 orchestrated to suit busy schedules and tailored to various skill level and ambitions. A complete sensory experience to transform dreams into reality.

Come on a journey of discovery.
Come on a journey to live your dreams.
Come re-discover rock.

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