Enjoy Junior Drum Lessons at Studio72

Somewhere deep inside every kid is an aspiring drummer. At Studio72, we help transform those enthusiastic spoon beats, finger taps and rhythmic foot strikes using structured sessions, so our younger patrons learn to enjoy the kids drums lessons we impart in our institution.

Our mentors use an unrestrictive way to teach children the joys of playing the drum, not just solo but in a group as well. We know that when a happy face leaves the classroom, it will set the stage for an enthusiastic return the next day, with increased fervor, excitement and a thirst to know what their tutor will teach them in the following sessions.

Your children are our legacy. Through music, we can help mold them to become not just enthusiastic learners but rising stars as well.

There is no time like the present to begin those junior lessons. Join us now!

Basic Features

  • Basic rudiments
  • Understand notation
  • Grooves
  • Fills
  • Playing with songs
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