The Ukulele is a unique instrument and many parents are now beginning to choose it over the traditional guitar. With Studio72 backing your decisions using an incredibly planned kids Ukulele lesson, you can register your child to train on this amazing instrument.

Many upcoming artists are showcasing what the humble Ukulele is capable of, through their performances both onstage and online. One of the main advantages for children learning this instrument is that it is an easier fit in their hands and the fact that it can make a world of a difference when they begin to strum the basic lessons. The earlier you begin their musical education, the easier it will be for them to grasp it. Learning the Ukulele is an incredible experience as they discover its intricacies and play music from some of their favorite movies and songs.

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Basic Features

  • Understanding the Ukulele
  • Learn to play simple chords
  • Develop strumming and rhythmic abilities
  • Understand simple transposition of songs
  • Playing your favorite songs
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