Drummers are the backbone of any music, be it vocal, jazz, band or performance. The drums help control the rhythm and offers support where it is needed the most. It can even hold its own very easily. Getting better at drums though needs loads of practice and tutoring from mentors who have mastered this art form for themselves. Studio72 offers professional guidance in adults drum lessons for our senior patrons, who take the time out to learn this structured form of music. Here, you will master the basics and effortlessly move on to professional drumming.

With time, you will see that drumming with a unique style and ease has its own rewards. You will learn to churn out intense beats, matching your powerful tracks with the guitar, keyboard, ukulele, bass and the voice artists, as comfortably as a professional. We have everything you would ever need for your drums lesson in Singapore, fantastically crafted curriculum, highly trained mentors, superior ambience and an overwhelming passion for drumming.

Come be a cherished part of Studio72, after all drumming is for life!

Basic Features

  • Basic rudiments
  • Understand notation
  • Grooves
  • Fills
  • Playing with songs

Basic Objectives

  • To build a sound technical skill base
  • To develop accurate and efficient reading ability
  • To master stylistic authenticity whilst playing a range of grooves from contemporary rock, pop jazz, world music and funk
  • To encourage musicianship through performances as part of an ensemble


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