If you have the passion and the spirit, it is never too late to play the guitar. At Studio72, we have mentored the young and the old, the beginner and the professional.

As a beginner you will learn to master the chords and churn out rhythms. As a professional looking for a more detailed learning model, you will build your technical base, conquer different forms of music and play solo as well as a part of a group, with remarkable ease. No longer will the guitar be just an instrument, it will be the means to unleash a powerful potential.

Come to Studio72 for the best guitar lessons in Singapore. The curriculum we offer has been created by veteran musicians who have trained for decades themselves, before they set out on a course to mentor others. Our sessions are designed at a steady and unhurried pace, helping you effortlessly ease into your lessons so you can strum pop, jazz or rock tracks with a joy that is hard to suppress.

Basic Features

  • Introduction of instrument
  • Strumming patterns
  • Tuning
  • Chords
  • Rhythm
  • Reading Tabulatures and notes
  • Playing with others
  • Simple picking patterns

Basic Objectives

  • To build a sound technical skill base in Right Hand technique
  • To master the visualization and navigation of the fret-board
  • To master stylistic genuineness of choice such as contemporary rock, funk and pop jazz
  • To encourage musicianship through performances as a soloist or in an ensemble


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