There is no age limit to learn music. In fact the keyboard can be mastered with patience and practice and can then be enjoyed for a lifetime. We offer keyboard lessons in Singapore at Studio72, in a simple and easy to learn format. Our detailed lesson chart has been formulated keeping such needs in mind.

Only constant practice will let your fingers get acclimatized to the appropriate keys, their specific tones and tune. Along with these basic steps, you will learn to read music and play the tunes, music enthusiasts have loved for centuries including the more complex ones. In time, you will be called upon to deliver performances both solo and in a group which will be done with incredible ease. You will do all that and more with Studio72’s well rounded curriculum.

Are you ready to plan this musical adventure with our keyboard lessons?

Basic Features

  • Right and left hand co-ordination
  • Understanding the keys
  • Learning basic 6 chords

Basic Objectives

  • Play Melodies
  • Application of chords
  • Essential music theory
  • Ear training
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