Some of the common mistakes beginner singers make is sing songs which are not at all suited for their unique voices. With Studio72 tutors mentoring you on the finer points of singing with vocal lessons in Singapore, you will learn to identify what best suits your voice tone. You will discover the power to modulate your voice, keep a steady pace, sing skillfully and upscale or downscale your tones among other advantages.

Singing is not just about wording the lyrics but about control as well. An incredible stamina and power is required to conquer those high notes and core strength for those low audible tones. Voice modulation also changes when you are singing jazz, rock, pop or blues. This incredible range will only come through the right teaching methods and practice. With veteran singers and vocal artists taking up your sessions, you will enhance your vocal range and sing with confidence and ease at any event or venue in the future.

There is no time like the present to begin those voice lessons with Studio72!

Basic Features

  • Discover basic elements in singing
  • Identify your voice quality and vocal type
  • Proper breathing technique and posture
  • Vocal drills, resonance and maintenance

Basic Objectives

  • To provide a fundamental grasp of vocal technique
  • Focus on breathing exercises, posture and aural awareness
  • To build self-confidence singing in and outside of class
  • To sing songs and sustain a clear harmony line
  • To develop a wide repertoire according to the individual’s desired singing style
  • To encourage musicianship through performances as a soloist or in an ensemble


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