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Why Ukulele

Whether you’re a complete beginner or the next ukulele virtuoso, we’ll find a course to suit you! Whether you’re writing your first hit song, or taking your first solo break in a jam session, you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade with us.

The ukulele is a very easy instrument to learn. With only four strings and shorter fret board, you could start playing a tune in less than an hour!

It’s small and compact, you could bring it anywhere! It’s very portable.

Compared to its fellow musical string instruments, the ukulele is a happy instrument and it produces a happy sound. It is also and inexpensive instrument to own.

Lessons @ Studio72

  • 1-to-1 Ukulele Lessons
  • Social, friendly atmosphere
  • Variety of Levels from Complete Beginner to Advanced
  • All Musical Genres
  • Opportunity to perform LIVE at jamming sessions and Open Mic Nights
  • Invitation to perform LIVE during our annual showcase

Even Our Students Rave About Us!

What Will You Discover In This Journey

In just 12 lessons, you could play a range of tunes on the Ukulele.

Relaxed and fun but with an accent in each lesson on a particular aspect of playing, and performing with the ukulele.

You will feel the accomplishment of making music. It will be a new experience for many. Learning how to play the Ukulele also helps to build confidence as we encourage our students to perform with other musicians.

At each lesson, we will introduce new and challenging tunes to demonstrate playing methods and techniques.


  • Holding and controlling the instrument
  • Keeping the ukulele in tune
  • Identifying the instrument’s parts, and size options
  • Reading chord notation
  • Simplifying movements between chords
  • Basic strumming
  • Beats and rhythms
  • Volume and down beats
  • Playing without music
  • Playing with others
  • The ukulele as musical accompaniment

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