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Basic Features

  • Discover basic elements in singing
  • Identify your voice quality and vocal type
  • Proper breathing technique and posture
  • Vocal drills, resonance and maintenance

Course Objectives

  • To provide a fundamental grasp of vocal technique.
  • Focus on breathing exercises, posture and aural awareness.
  • To build self-confidence singing in and outside of class.
  • Learn to sing songs and sustain a clear harmony line.
  • To develop a wide repertoire according to the individual’s desired singing style.
  • To encourage musicianship through performances as a soloist or in an ensemble.

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By working with our vocal coach, you’ll not only learn how to sing better, but also learn how to control your voice to sing the way you want to.

We offer 1-to-1 private lessons so you will learn better and faster.


Knowing how to read music helps you communicate with other performers, write your own songs, and deepen your knowledge of the art. If you do not get a formal background in music, then do some independent study to learn how to read music and understand the basics of music theory (rhythm, harmony, etc.).



As a singer, your voice is your instrument. If you want to become a virtuoso, you have to practice, practice, practice. Whether it’s singing in the shower, in the car, for your grandparents, in a church choir, or in your room alone, practice.

Practice singing your favorite songs, but also songs in different styles. You can learn a lot by trying different types of music.

Singing is a very physical art. In addition to trying to hit the right notes, practice breathing right as you sing, holding your body well, etc.

Through lots of practice, you will learn your capabilities and characteristics as a singer, such as your vocal range, natural tone, and preferred styles.



At Studio 72, we nurture self-confidence through LIVE performance. To sing well in front of other people, you have to be confident in yourself and be charismatic. The only way to really develop confidence as a singer is to get out there and sing as much as possible.


When you are ready to break out and start singing in public, we put you in a band where you rehearse songs with your band mates and get ready to perform, on a LIVE stage!!

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